L is for Leah

L is for Leah.

And listening.

I made this collage for my friend Leah. But it had problems so I never sent it to her. 

I tried to fix it — but the more I tried to fix it, the more I wrecked it.


Leah is a doctor, a pediatrician. I’m sure she know the ins-and-outs of stethoscoping. And dealing with wiggly little monkeys. Hence the collage.

I know from experience that she is a good listener. She listens with intensity, watching my face, studying my eyes — and she doesn’t ask easy questions or accept easy answers.

No how-are-you-I’m-fine conversations. There’s always depth.

My favorite conversation with Leah went something like this.

Me: Blah-blah-blah-yadda-yadda-yadda-really-really-dirty-ugly-laundry… Do you still like me?

Leah: I love you even more.

A friend like that is the most precious thing ever.

This group of ladies, all of whom I initially met at Hutchmoot, is like that. Leah is the one sitting on the bench in a light blue shirt.

I’d like to photoshop a few more people in —

  • Alyssa R, who knows my deepest thoughts, sorrows, failures, and joys, and still loves me
  • Dawn, who monitored this very blog for troll poop so I wouldn’t have to deal with it
  • Laura B, who told me her superpower was encouragement, and she wasn’t making it up

At the Laity Lodge Rabbit Room retreat, we were asked something about what we liked best about the Rabbit Room — maybe that wasn’t even the question, I don’t know — but I bumbled out an answer that probably didn’t make much sense. Here’s what I was trying to say —

The greatest gift the Rabbit Room has given me is friendships. It’s people with whom I can be totally honest and vulnerable, and still safe and loved.

Everyone needs a Leah.

And a Kim.

And some Lauras.

And some Kristens.

And Alyssa, Katie, Janna, Ashley, Rebecca, Kelli, Jenny, Jennifer, and the list could go on and on.

Everyone needs an honest place — for sharing and for listening.

The bonus with Leah (and this is the real measure of our friendship) is — SHE’S GOING TO TRAVEL WITH ME TO CROATIA AND BOSNIA THIS SUMMER!!!

Lion from Richard Scarry’s Best Story Book Ever

Curious George is the creation of H. A. Rey

The stone wall is from ??


12 thoughts on “L is for Leah

    • It’s such a great book. The copy I found at the thrift store was separated from its cover and kind of a wreck, but I love that I can salvage some of the pictures from it.

  1. Sally, so beautiful. Ugly crying over here ~ the good, soul cleaning kind of ugly crying. Love you, and all the rest of you, so very much.

  2. I saw Leah (and met her brother and his wife) at the event in Colorado Springs a few weekends ago. We talked a little about her going to Croatia. I never would have put her trip together with your trip. What a gift for you. And she does listen with eye contact and intensity. I was glad of time with her, however brief.

  3. I love you! And this! And I can’t wait to go to Croatia and Bosnia! (Less than three months now–time flies!). I read this first yesterday while I was sitting out watching Matt play baseball. I can’t see what’s wrong with that collage. And, I completely agree–the Rabbit Room has given me community. Friends who travel to see the northern lights (boo clouds), friends who pick you up at the airport when you’re in their neck of the woods, or who wake up early to drive you there, friends who send yarn in the mail over and over again, friends who let you know you’re not alone with a book you don’t like, and others who get you to try it again when you need to 🙂 And so much more over and over again. Love (all of) you so much.

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