Is It Like?

One of my favorite movies of all time is the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice.  I could watch it over and over and over.  I know much of it by heart.

There is a scene where Lizzie is touring Pemberley with her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner — just before Mr. Darcy makes his dripping wet appearance — when they are looking at the family portraits in the Great Hall.  The housekeeper says, “And that’s my master. And very like him too.”

At which, Aunt Gardiner turns to Lizzie and says, “It’s a handsome face, but I’ve never seen the original. Is it like him, Lizzy?”

Wuthering Heights has a similar scene.  Mr. Lockwood is looking at the portrait of Mr. Linton which is in his room at Thrushcross Grange.  He is the narrator in the following —

‘A very agreeable portrait,’ I observed to the house-keeper. ‘Is it like?’

‘Yes,’ she answered; ‘but he looked better when he was animated; that is his everyday countenance: he wanted spirit in general.’

“Is it like?”  Such a delightfully British way of asking about resemblance!

My sister and I have had an ongoing debate over who looks most like my mother.  So that is my question for you, dear reader.  Is it like?  Which of us is more like?

You decide.

My sister, my mother, and me
Taken at The Manor

Or, perhaps we look like our father.  Who is more like?

My sister, my father, and me
Taken on Father’s Day 2012 at Jerry’s Place

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  1. So here’s what I’ve finally noticed: Neither one of us parts our hair on the same side as Mom. Go figure. You look more like her, by the way.

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