“Dad is so devoted to Mom,” my sister told me after spending close to two weeks with him.  “He goes to the Manor to see her every day, sometimes twice a day.  And if he can’t make it down the second time, he feels like he is letting her down.”

We both wondered if Mom even notices.  I’m sure she appreciates his visits, but if he doesn’t make it, does she miss him?

The truth is, that’s not what matters.  He misses her.  Even if she didn’t know he missed a visit, he would know.

But I got my answer to the does-she-miss-him question rather unexpectedly.

When I was at their house yesterday, I had popped the SD card out of my father’s camera and copied all the pictures onto my computer.  I knew there were some on it that I wanted, but I didn’t have time to look through them all until I got home.

When I saw this one, I remembered.  They had just celebrated their 59th anniversary and we wanted to take a picture of the two of them.   My mother wasn’t terribly cooperative.  We kept having to remind her to look at the camera.

As you can see here, she preferred looking at my father.

The devotion goes on both sides.  Hers is muddled with Alzheimer’s, but the way she still looks at him — after 59 years — yes, it says she is devoted too.

3 thoughts on “Devotion

  1. What a beautiful story and photo. I felt the same way about my parents. Mom would sacrifice so much to make those visits to Dad in the nursing home, and Dad could barely communicate. But it was her way of showing her love and loyalty.

    59 years … that is so wonderful!

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