If It’s Thursday, We Must Have Choir

I’m reading through the Little House books with Mary and Laurel.  What wonderful stories!

In the first book, Ma lays out her week in the following rhyme:

Wash on Monday,
Iron on Tuesday,
Mend on Wednesday,
Churn on Thursday,
Clean on Friday,
Bake on Saturday,
Rest on Sunday.

I looked at that list of chores, and made up my own rhyme based on them:

Laundry every day or so –
Wear from the basket, on the go.

Ironing board piled high with stuff –
It’s not that wrinkled; good enough.

Mending?  Are you kidding me?
I can buy one new for $9.93!

Churning done by Land 0’Lakes –
Half cup sticks for breads or cakes.

Cleaning – maybe not so much –
Hide the clutter and some such.

Baking – here is something I do!
To feed my family, a hungry crew.
Not on a schedule, but as I can
Cookies and brownies by the pan.

Rest – that sounds so nice to me.
However, my schedule is never free.
Go, go, go. I never stop.
Guilt sets in if e’er I plop.

The Little House books contain simpler days;
I long for them in many ways.

I got to thinking about the fact that our weeks no longer revolve around chores, but rather activities.

Remember that old movie, If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium?  I confess that I never watched it.  I just always liked the title.  For me these day, if it’s Tuesday, I must be in Cooperstown.  And if it’s Wednesday, we must have art class.

Every Thursday night for decades, my mother went to choir rehearsal at 8 PM.  We could plan our week around the fact that every Thursday was choir practice.

I found this note on the table the other day when I was visiting.  She lists choir four separate times.  Obviously it was, and still is, quite important to her.

Other choir members picked her up for several years after she was no longer able to drive herself to practice.  Of late, she has become more and more difficult.  She no longer attends choir on Thursday nights.  The structure of her life is crumbling.  Choir was a cornerstone.

But now the circle has come around.  A new generation starts the Thursday routine.  Mary has choir tonight.  If it’s Thursday, we must have choir.

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4 thoughts on “If It’s Thursday, We Must Have Choir

  1. Sally! I love your poem. It made me realize how much more busy we are; because Ma’s list from Little House is one focused chore a day and we are all over the place every day. I have often thought about this in the past; but I think you captured it REALLY well in your poem. Good job! :)

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